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Ethica Anti- Aging Daily Conditioner 16.9 oz


This hydrating and weightless conditioner nourishes the hair and scalp while maximizing potential hair count. UV, static, dust, contaminant, humidity and dry/cold weather shielding provide an extra layer of protection. A perfect compliment to our shampoo. Light feel, easy coverage Provides great finger or comb “slip” Light fragrance – leaves hair fresh Provides silky, non-static hair that retains its volume and style Leaves hair and scalp balanced, in perfect state With modern advancements in science and technology you should expect more from today’s hair care.

Ethica provides professional products with adaptive smart technology that not only covers multiple hair and scalp needs but it also includes 22 advanced scalp and anti-aging benefits. Sexy hair is healthy hair, Healthy hair is Ethica hair.

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