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Ethica Ageless Advanced Daily Topical


This water like, powerful spray is a gamechanger for anyone with fine or thinning hair, looking to protect their scalp!

  • Maximizes the potential in any hair type, regardless of age, gender or race
  • Powerful anti-aging for the scalp, follicle, and hair shaft
  • Great on frontal hairline, part lines, and for overall density
  • Reduces shedding, protects and strengthens
  • Creates volume and texture



  • For any woman who wants to maximize their daily potential with longer, stronger, healthy hair – and a perfect scalp
  • For women that are noticing differences in their hair due to age or hormonal changes
  • For women that have light to moderate diffuse thinning in the frontal, temporal, part line area, or over their entire scalp.
  • For post natal shedding in women
  • For men that are not losing their hair due to MPB – Male Pattern Baldness, but want to significantly improve their hair and scalp health and or provide powerful anti aging benefits
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