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Oh Hey, Babe!

Updated: May 19, 2020

I'm so excited to finally be putting this out to you all!

My name is Alexis Keltner and I am the proud owner and operator of HAIR BAR. Recently, I've been working on relaunching our website and creating an online store for all of you #hairbarbabes to be able to shop the best hair care products while were closed due to Corona virus. I figured with the relaunch of the website and store now was the perfect time to create this blog. Here, we can stay in touch with all of our beautiful guests and maybe throw out some hair knowledge here and there!

Guys, I love my job. And there's honestly nothing I'm more passionate about then helping women look and feel their best. The power and confidence that comes from having healthy, beautiful hair is unmatched. When we look good, we feel good. And I think all of you deserve to feel that way! So I hope you can find value in my future posts and use some of my advise to help you have your most beautiful, healthy, and fabulous hair yet!

A little professional background for ya. I have been a hair stylist for 5 years, and in a week it will be 3 years since I opened HAIR BAR. After I graduated cosmetology school, I began working behind the chair part time, building a clientele and getting the hands-on experience I needed. Since I didn't have a full clientele, I worked at the local State Beauty Supply as a District Sales Consultant, traveling to salons in the area selling professional products, and shortly after became the store manager. Let me tell you, the education and experience I got from this job was INSANE! I traveled to every salon from Tonkawa, OK, to Mulvane, KS, and learned so much from the women working in these salons. After 2 years at State Beauty Supply, I decided I needed to be a salon owner myself and be behind the chair full time. I wanted to create a modern, clean, and professional experience for my guests and opened HAIR BAR in 2017. Opening the salon was the best thing I could have done for my career. I am so proud of the work we do and the relationships that have been built because of HAIR BAR. I can happily say I love going to work, and I am so grateful for that! I opened GLOW Tan and Lash Studio, in 2018 and that has been a really fun side project for me. The women that work there are the BEST at facials, lashes, and spray tans, and I'm happy I get to help them grow their own clientele. In February of this year, I became a District Educator for Babe Hair Extensions, and I get to travel to different salons and teach other professionals how to install five different methods of hair extensions. I love getting to connect with these women and help them grow their businesses. It's a fun way to get to talk hair and meet others in the industry! I also find a lot of joy in helping teach at our local child advocacy center, The Dearing House, where we teach parents about the effects of adverse childhood experiences and help them break cycles of abuse and trauma in their own families. Volunteering at The Dearing House is so fulfilling, because I get to help people make positive changes in their lives, spread awareness of the affects of childhood trauma and it helps me stay on top of my educator game! I love education and learning, as I am constantly trying to better my craft. I always want to be improving for my guests, and I want to be able to offer the highest quality, most consistent, and modern styles. The industry and technology is constantly changing, and I pride myself on being very well educated and up to date on current trends and techniques.

Well babes, that's about it for our intro post. Thanks a ton if you just read through all of that, you’re awesome. And even if you didn't read all of it, you're still awesome. I can't wait to bring you some bomb posts about healthy, fabulous hair and how you can get it yourself. Until next time.

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