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Hair extensions are a luxury item and have to be cared for properly. I have found our HAIR BAR extensions to be very low maintenance, cut down on daily styling time, and help you grow our your natural hair to be even healthier than before you installed hair extensions, as long as they are cared for properly at home. IT IS ESSENTIAL YOU BRUSH, WASH, AND USE PROPER PRODUCTS AS RECOMMENDED! In order to prolong the life of your extension hair and maintain the integrity of your natural hair, we have gathered our best expert tips for how to maintain your luxury hair extensions at home!

Hand-Tied 2-2.5 months (Remove and Reinstall

Keratin Fusion 3- 4 months (Remove only)

· You must use professional shampoo, conditioner, heat protectant, and moisturizing oil to maintain the quality of your extensions. Extension hair is real human hair and must be cared for as such. Using a moisturizing oil, leave in conditioners, and heat protectant is a must and has to be used daily in order to keep the ends of your extensions healthy. At Hair Bar, we carry an array of retail items made to maintain the integrity of both your extensions and your natural hair. Stop by the salon to get recommendations or shop to find the right products for your specific needs.

· Brushing properly is extremely important. We recommend brushing at least 2 times a day, with a Babe extension brush to avoid matting and tangling. To avoid ripping at your scalp, hold the top of your extensions at the midshaft/root while you brush out the ends. Section out hair to brush through the top, of each section. Be gentle on your fabulous new hair! After detangling each section, brush the top section of your hair at the scalp and drag the natural oils from your scalp into your extensions gently.

· We recommend shampooing and conditioning your hair 1-3 times weekly. Please make sure to wash your scalp well with shampoo, but gently. Keep a clip in your shower, and section your hair row by row to wash in between rows of extensions, gently. You may also use dry shampoo when needed. Using treatments, such as Olaplex #3 and a moisturizing or keratin mask once a week, is encouraged and will prolong the quality of your extensions. Make sure to squeeze water out of hair when done, and not to rub roughly at the root.

· When sleeping, make sure to braid your hair or put hair in a loose bun. DO NOT SLEEP WITH WET HAIR! This will severely damage your natural hair and increases the risk of matting, tangling and mildewing. Please use a scrunchie or loose rubber band, and frequently change how you fix your hair to go to sleep, to avoid traction breakage. Silk pillowcases are a bonus! \

· Avoid getting extensions in the ocean, hot tubs, lake or pool water. If you HAVE to get in a body of water, make sure to braid hair tightly and use oil and leave in conditioner while swimming, to avoid tangling at all costs! . If in a tanning bed or spray tanning, make sure to fully cover and protect your hair, so you do not alter the color. Certain sunscreens can cause extensions to turn brassy or peach colored, so be aware to not let extensions touch your body with sunscreen on.

· Feel free to heat style, braid, throw in a messy bun, or do fun styles with your new extensions! You have all the options in the world now, with your fabulous new hair! Stop in to Hair Bar to purchase any of our top of the line styling tools and see which curling irons we recommend to give the perfect, long lasting waves in your fabulous extensions! It is real human hair so make sure to treat it well by using heat protectant, oils and professional styling products to keep it as healthy as possible.


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