• Alexis Keltner

Loose Waves with Weft Hair Extensions

What's the point in having bomb hair extensions, if you can't style them!? Here are some easy tips to help you curl your weft hair extensions.

  1. After washing and conditioning, prep damp hair with Color WOW Dream Coat, Color WOW Speed Dry & Color WOW Dream Cocktail Leave In Conditioners and blow dry.

  2. Completely brush through hair and hair extensions with Babe Extension Brush.

  3. Section your hair by row. I have 2 rows in so I will curl the bottom first, then the top row, then all my own hair on the very top.

  4. Beginning with the bottom row, split hair in half so there is a right side and a left side.

  5. Thoroughly coat section with Lanza Thermal Protectant and brush through.

  6. Here I am using a BioIonic Long Barrell curling iron in 1.25 inch diameter.

  7. Take a section as big as your curling iron right by your face, so about 1.25 inches.

  8. Make sure to KEEP YOUR IRON VERTICAL (STRAIGHT UP AND DOWN) AT ALL TIMES. That part is very important and will make sure you get a nice long, pretty, modern curl.

  9. I like to over direct the first 2 sections by my face, forward, toward my face.

  10. Run the iron through the section once or twice to smooth that section.

  11. Clamp the iron one inch away from the ends, and wind up to the base of your hair.

  12. I have my iron on 385 degrees and only leave it on that section for 2 to 3 seconds. If you can't work quickly, turn your iron down as low as you can and still be able to heat that section.

  13. When that section is done, slowly unwind, and drag iron through last inch of hair to smooth ends.

  14. Curl everything away from your face.

  15. While I am heating a section up, I grab the section behind it, to make sure I get every hair curled and keep everything neat and smooth.

  16. SO let's break it down! Smooth, clamp 1 inch away from ends, wind up to base, slowly unwind, and pull through ends!

  17. After I have finished a whole subsection, I spray with hairspray and do not touch. Here I am using Lanza Brush through hairspray for shine, hold and flexibility.

  18. When I'm done curling everything and have sprayed with hairspray, I like to spray shine spray and run oil through the midshaft and ends with my fingers. For extensions, I use a drop of Lanza Keratin Healing Oil every single day, to keep ends moisturized and healthy.

  19. After curls have cooled off and set, brush your oil and shine spray through with your Babe Extension Brush.

THAT'S IT GURL! Pretty easy, it's just practice! Make sure to use a great heat protectant and a low degree iron while you're getting the hang of curling your extensions! If you have fine hair, you might add some texture spray or powder through your midshaft and ends for extra volume at the very end!

Your extensions are going to hold your style REALLY WELL. Most people get a whole week out of their curls after they wash, dry and style their extensions. Your curl will just get a little looser and give you a sexier lived-in style as the week goes on, saving you SO MUCH TIME in washing and styling throughout the week. Personally, I shampoo, masque, condition and dry on Sunday night, curl on Monday morning, and the rest of the week just brush twice a day with the Babe brush and put a little bit of Lanza Dry shampoo, texture spray and oil through the ends! No curling, no washing or drying until the next Sunday. The style holds up so well and is so low maintenance, but looks beautiful!

If you want your hair to look good without doing much, I highly suggest filling out the extension consultation form at to get your very own weft extensions! If you already have extensions, shop our online store for all of these awesome products and tools to give you the best curls you've ever had!

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