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Fusion Extensions- What You Need To Know and How They Can Change Your Life.

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

I know firsthand how impactful your hair can be on your confidence. I can’t describe how amazing I feel when my extensions are in and I have full, beautiful hair. That’s why I love being able to offer fusion extensions to our guests! Even those with the finest, thinnest hair now have the option to enhance fullness and length, and that can be a life changer for those with thinning hair issues.

So, what are Keratin Fusion Extensions? They are individual strands of hair, that are installed by heating a keratin bond so it adheres to the base of your natural hair, for length and/or fullness. (Pictured below) What I love so much about keratin fusion is that it can be customized to each guests’ individual needs. The amount of hair installed is based solely on your density and needs as a client. The goal is to match the density of your natural hair to the extension hair and by doing this, we can offer length and fullness in the finest of areas. Keratin Fusion extensions can last from 3 to 4 months, and must be removed, by a stylist, after 4 months to keep the hair in peak condition. If you have installed Micro Fusion, for thinning or balding hair, those last about 4 weeks. You can expect these extensions to naturally shed out of your hair, as the keratin bond breaks down.

Installing fusion extensions is one of our most popular services at HAIR BAR! Why? Because they can solve so many different issues! Breakage from over using heat tools? Fusion extensions help surround your hair strands, so you can’t put as much heat on your natural hair, therefore protecting and giving you length! Is the front of your hair shorter than the back? It is very easy to break the hair around your hair line and around your face, so we can install fusion extensions to give you that length in the front to match the back! No more mullet, gurl! Is your hair fine and have zero body? We can install one or two packs of fusion extensions and your mane is going to look so healthy and full! Want a pop of color or a balayage, but don’t want to bleach your hair? Let’s install a few fusion pieces for a healthy color change, and add fullness and/or length while we do it! And the most life changing scenario is for my beautiful guests with thinning hair issues. Hormones, weight loss surgery, menopause, medications, poor diet, stress, etc. can wreak havoc on your hair causing it to fall out, and bald/ thinning spots to appear. This is when we use MICRO FUSION! We can cut fusion extensions into the smallest of strands, offering solutions for those who thought they could never have hair again! Pair micro fusion extensions with some of the great supplements, styling products and treatments we offer, and you’ll be on the path to fuller, healthier hair! For someone that has always had fine or thinning hair, this is the ultimate confidence booster and nothing makes us happier than knowing we can help you go out into the world feeling great about yourself!

Let’s talk about cost. I have found that when most people think of extensions they think “expensive” and I would love to change that narrative. I want to focus on value. How valuable is confidence? How valuable would it be to feel truly great about your hair when you go out? How much are those “WOW, your hair looks so good!” compliments worth to you? If you aren’t a self-conscience person, or maybe have had awesome hair your whole life, extensions might not be that valuable to you. But if you are someone that has struggled with having thin hair, unhealthy hair, or just never liked your hair to begin with, fusion extensions could be one of the most valuable things you have ever invested in. And here’s the best news, THEY AREN’T THAT EXPENSIVE! Fusion extensions start at $150 for the hair and the installation. This could fill in broken off side pieces or give you a little extra pop of color or fullness! That is less than $2 a day to love your hair and not feel self-conscience about it! More than worth it, if you ask me!

If you are ready to invest in yourself and your self confidence, call me at (580)352-2702 and let's do a consultation for some fabulous fusion extensions!

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